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UpRight equipment is widely recognized around the world as the originator of the modern access industry. This multi-billion dollar global industry owes its origins to the founder of UpRight lifts, Wallace "Wally" Johnson, a true innovator who individually began what would soon evolve into true global markets for platform scaffold towers and aerial lifts.

About UpRight Lifts

Wallace Johnson first founded UpRight Scaffolds, which soon outgrew his small workshop in California in 1947. After achieving global domination, Johnson set out to create the world's first mobile aerial work platform. In 1972, he opened a new UpRright lift factory and began to produce the "Flying Carpet" UpRight scissor lift. This innovative product soon surpassed platform scaffolding as the company's primary source of revenue.

UpRight Lift Features

The product range of UpRight lifts soon expanded with the 'X-Series' UpRight scissor lifts, followed by the first sigma arm UpRight lift in 1986. A speed level version, which self-levels on rough terrain, was introduced in 1990 and this UpRight man lift remains a unique machine to this day. During the 1990s, the UpRight platform range quadrupled. The first trailer-mounted boom was announced in 1995, followed in 1996 by the first self-propelled UpRight boom lift. The company’s appetite for innovation took compact scissor lift design to new heights in 1996, with the launch of the micro range of UpRight scissor lift models.

UpRight Lift Models

At Canlift Equipment Ltd., we believe in the same philosophy of quality, ingenuity, dedication and good-old-fashioned hard work that made UpRight lift products famous around the world. The innovative and diverse line of UpRight platform, man lift, scissor lift and aerial lift products are now sold in almost every country in the world and are supported by a huge network of more than 140 independent dealers and distributors globally. UpRight lifts have a unique heritage built on expertise from 55+ years safely lifting millions of people, and Canlift Equipment Ltd. is proud to carry of full line of Upright lift equipment to help you meet deadlines safely and on schedule.

For more information on UpRight lift equipment, visit Upright's website.

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