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Equipment Reconditioning & Restoration

Replacement of aging forklift equipment with new models is costly – and often completely unnecessary. With CanLift’s heavy equipment refurbishment services, your fleet can be efficiently maintained in safe working order at a nominal expense. We have fully equipped facilities including a 50’ x 35’ heavy machinery painting booth and a 60’ x 35’ sandblasting booth. Whether it’s a small forklift refurbishment, regular forklift battery reconditioning, or large excavator restoration, CanLift can ensure it looks and runs like new, no matter how many working hours it has. Maximize your return on investment with equipment refurbishment for your forklift, excavator, backhoe, telehandler, or boom lift equipment fleet from CanLift.

Why Heavy Equipment Reconditioning?

There are numerous advantages to heavy equipment restoration, including increased performance and productivity, extended lifespan, and a newer looking appearance. This will usually result in several benefits for your company overall:

  • Lowered operating costs / increased return on investment
  • Increased asset life and resale value
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved brand/company image
  • Higher customer satisfaction

When To Consider Equipment Refurbishment

Generally, lift equipment that’s reached 10,000 hours of normal use – between 5-7 years – should be considered for at least some reconditioning. Machines 10 years or older are usually prime candidates for refurbishment.

Eligible Equipment

CanLift offers a wide range of reconditioning services on any brand, in any condition, for numerous types of equipment, including:

  • Forklift restoration & refurbishment
  • Forklift battery reconditioning
  • Excavator restoration & refurbishment
  • Lift truck restoration & refurbishment
  • Scissor lift restoration & refurbishment
  • Telehandler restoration & refurbishment
  • Backhoe restoration & refurbishment
  • Skid steer restoration & refurbishment
  • Man lift restoration & refurbishment
  • Boom lift restoration & refurbishment

Service Levels Offered

CanLift can help restore your heavy equipment fleet with several reconditioning options, depending on its age and function. All are available with custom heavy equipment painting with your company or brand colours, and we even offer custom reconditioning packages to suit each fleet or individual machine needs.

Basic Reconditioning

Each machine is visually inspected and tested for full functionality. It is then given an exterior update, including:

  • Sandblasting
  • Painting
  • New decals
  • Select components replaced (depending on machine type)

Newer or optional components are available on request, such as batteries, charger, joysticks, tires, control box covers, etc. (where applicable).

Full Reconditioning

Each machine is methodically inspected before it is disassembled and carefully reassembled to meet original OEM standards. In addition to basic reconditioning, CanLift’s full equipment restoration includes replacing of all the following with new OEM parts (where applicable):

  • Hydraulic hoses, fluids, and filters
  • Main control and electrical cables
  • Joystick controllers
  • 110v outlet
  • Batteries and battery cables
  • Worn pins and bushings
  • Tires
  • Decals

After the unit is reassembled, it goes through extensive quality inspections and testing. All original OEM standard pressures, speeds and limits are restored, and an annual inspection is done.

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